A TableSyncSetup value Copy for old table cannot be specified when no new table exists

When upgrading a old NAV database you sometimes need to transfer data to new tables. With the Upgrade codeunits you can manage this easily.
First you make a TableSyncSetup function where you configure your transfer.
And then you make an UpgradePerCompany or UpgradePerDatabase function where you will do the actual transfer.

But recently I got the following strange error when deleting a table.

The system tells me that there doesn’t exists a new table????

So I checked my code and as you can see I have configured that the “ECF Message Out” table needs to be copied to the “UPG ECF Message Out” table. Correct I thought.

After sometime I figured out that this error must be related to the table action. The system behavior is different when you change or delete a table.

When I change the table definition my upgrade code was good. Only when I delete the table I got the error.
And finally I found my mistake. Instead of coping the records to the new table, I need to move the records.

So I need to change the Mode to Move and my problem was fixed.

In the future I will be aware of this behavoir and I hope you will too.

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