Microsoft Flow Integration one way only

Last week I was preparing a new How Do I video about the integration of Microsoft Flow with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. As you might know Microsoft Flow is a platform were you can easily integration between other systems like Twitter, Facebook, Mail, … . You can find some more information on

The planning was to finish my How Do I video by the end of this year.
But until now I could not make it work as I expected.
The NAV2017 connector normally supports a 2-way integration between Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.
So, we have 2 trigger from NAV to Flow and these triggers works just fine. When a record change Microsoft Flow gets, triggered and will execute your workflow.

And then we have the other way. From Flow to NAV.

But until now I only got errors saying that “The value is not updatable”.

So, it seems that we need to have some patience. And stay tuned because when it works I create a How Do I.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Until 2017.

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