How Do I: use Microsoft Flow with data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Plataan and Microsoft has published last week my first “How Do I” video of this year.

In this video I will show you, how Microsoft Flow can use data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.
Microsoft Flow is a tool where you can make automated workflow between different platforms.
It has a bunch of connectors that can be used with each other and Dynamics NAV is one of them .

When I made this How Do I the Dynamics NAV connector was in “Preview” and only supported data feed from NAV as I have mentioned in a preview post.

With Flow you can use data from one connector to feed another.
So you can start a workflow in Microsoft Flow when a Record is “Created” or “Modified”.

And then use for example send an email, an approval or post a tweet on twitter.
It can all be done without writing any line of code.
So you don’t need to be a developer to use it, even end users can start create workflows of them own.

I wonder where this will end. A lot of ServiceDesk calls? Or more work for consultants?

Later I will make another “How Do I” where I will let Microsoft Flow write data to Dynamics NAV and create records.
See you next time.

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