How Do I: Simplify the Way You Ask And Use filters From CAL in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Last Friday Plataan and Microsoft has published my next “How Do I” video.

In this video I show you how you can ask and use filters with the new FilterPageBuilder datatype in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

You will see that code can be minimized with the same outcome. You don’t need to use additional datatypes like reports or pages to get filters from tables for example. All your code can be combined into 1 Code-unit.

I have used the most common functions like:

  • ADDTABLE: this is used to add a certain table to your filterpage in the same way you add a dataitem to a report.
  • ADDFIELD: with this function you add a field to your requestpage as simular as adding a field in the ReqFilterFields property of a report.
  • GETVIEW: the outcome of this function will contain all the filter values and can directly be passed through the SETVIEW of a table, so that you can loop through the filtered records afterwords.

Please enjoy.

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