How Do I: create PowerApps with data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

My next “How Do I” video has been online since April and I didn’t announced it on my blog yet. So, shame on me.

In this video I will show you, how you can create PowerApps with data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.

But first what are PowerApps?

As the word itself says it are Apps that give your business more Power to make things done.
This tool can make connection to the same connectors as Microsoft Flow does to enrich your mobile app.


And you can create a rich mobile application without writing real code.
Just drag components on forms and fill in some properties and you have an application.
Very easy.

Making a PowerApps is a little harder than making a Flow but still you don’t need to be a developer.
The way you change properties is like you do in Excel for example.

You only need to learn a different syntax.

From my opinion the is yet another great tool to extend you Microsoft Dynamics NAV application to deliver better business and create more coolness in your organization.
Which employee don’t like to use a tablet or phone to his/her daily job. Everybody uses apps in his/her spare time, and now they can use it for business also.

So now business and pleasure comes even closer together.

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