Control Add-in and NAV2018: What’s in the name?

Recently I was testing my Drag & Drop addin to NAV2018. And I discovered that it didn’t work anymore.
I got the following error.

This error is the same as if you haven’t installed it in the control addin table or your resource file isn’t imported yet.
But as you can see you it is present.

So I need to search further and then I thought it was due to the .NET framework 4.7 as Magno has mentioned on his blog.
But after upgrading the Visual Studio solution to .NET 4.7 the result was the same.

Afterwards this step was useless as my objects already compile with the previous dll.
It was worth a try.

And then I got the idea to change the name of my addin.
Because I saw that my addin is the only addin with an ‘& ‘ in the name.

Maybe that was the problem.

To fix the name I did the following steps.

  • First update the ControlAddInExport in your C# file

  • Then copy the file to the addin folder next to your development client (finsql.exe)
  • Create a new Control Add-in record with the same name as in “ControlAddInExport” and import the same resource zip file.

  • Update the Control Add-in property on your page.
    • !!!! Be aware that your code will be deleted on trigger of your previous addin.
    • So, make a copy of use your repository to get your code back.
  • Compile and open NAV2018

And finally my Addin loads again. What’s in the name? As you can see a lot 😉

See you later.

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