OnAfterValidate Event won’t fire as expected in NAV2016 CU3

With the introduction of NAV2016 we have the possibility to use Eventing with Publisher and Subscriber functions.

A very nice way of making changes without writing any code in the table itself.
But recently I found that the OnAfterValidateEvent don’t work as expected in CU3.
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Totals or discounts may not be up-to-date (Missing blue Linkbutton?)

With the introduction of NAV2015 Microsoft has reinvented the totals on subpages like on the “Purchase Invoice”. A feature that we know well from the classic world. I don’t think accounting people would like to press F7 or check the statistics every time they want to check the totals before posting. So this feature must be reintroduced.

To get started I will first explain the behavior of this feature.

When you add, change or delete a line to an invoice for example the system will automatically calculate the invoice totals and present them in the subpage.

Every now and then a blue link button appear saying “Totals or discounts may not be up-to-date. Choose the link to update” when opening an invoice.
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