Custom layout crashes NAV after upgrade

Currently I’m upgrading a customer from NAV2015 to NAV2017.
During the implementation of NAV2015 the customer has asked me, I they could design there reports themselfs.

And my reflection was, why not.

So as said the customer changed there report layout within NAV with the feature “Custom Layouts”.
A new feature back in NAV2015 but still available in NAV2017.

Now during the upgrade of this customer I ran into some issues when testing the upgraded version.
Every time I try to print a report with a custom layout NAV crashes with no more information.

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A TableSyncSetup value Copy for old table cannot be specified when no new table exists

When upgrading a old NAV database you sometimes need to transfer data to new tables. With the Upgrade codeunits you can manage this easily.
First you make a TableSyncSetup function where you configure your transfer.
And then you make an UpgradePerCompany or UpgradePerDatabase function where you will do the actual transfer.

But recently I got the following strange error when deleting a table.

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Vote: Rename Event Parameters

This week I started to transform some OnAfter and OnBefore Hooks on tables to Events.
When performing these manuel steps I first though about Upgradeability. Every modification must be upgraded smoothly without any manual handling afterwards.
So what will the result be if I upgrade a customer with the Hook triggers? I tested with a simple example. Continue reading